My Race History Is not showing under my profile

For your Race history to show under your profile and calculate into your stats, the producer needs your rodeogoid to put into their system. Once the producer does this, all your stats from that producer will stat showing up and calculating for you.

What can you do if you forgot to give the producer your rodeogoid?

You can try the following:

Login and click on your name:

Goto edit profile:

Under Profile Tools :


You can run the tool, link missing Data. 

This tool will go out and look for your information in producers data and link your rodeogoid in their system. For this tool to work, the producer has to have your first and last name spelled correctly and have your mobile number entered correctly.

once you run this you can view your profile and see if the the missing data was found. If it wasn't then you will need to contact the producer and give them your rodeogoid.

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  • 09-Jan-2015