How to Register and Create My Profile

First Create Your Account:

fill out your information and click register

Once you register you will get an email to confirm your account. 

Then you will get a text message to your mobile to confirm your cell once you login with your email and password.

after you login edit / Create your profile :

So there are 4 parts to your profile that you can manage:

Part one:

 On this screen this is the general information on you profile. You must complete this if you want the producer to be able to mail you your checks, etc.

 Profile image tab is how you upload the primary image for you profile.

 Profile tools are pretty self explanatory.

 Modify Horse Profile Tab: This is where you create your horse profiles for each horse you are planning on competing on. This is required for online entries for events which require a horse to compete in.

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  • 02-Feb-2015